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Tonight at 12:00 (est) look directly at the moon and get ready to make a wish, then close your eyes and picture in your mind all of the things that will happen when your wish comes true. Then open your eyes look at the moon and say (with certainty) that you believe your wish will soon become a reality.

"Essence of success is having the forethought to plan & accumulate several worthy goals, projects & aspirations while maintaining the ability to stay determined & motivated to work on a daily basis to seeing them come to fruition. If I told you Will Smith said this it would go viral but its just me. ~Sundavel"

""Every evil is accompanied by an unworthy justification by those who’ve commited it." - Sundavel"


I can help in several ways depending on how shitty your day is.... Paramedic, Bartender or Friend at your service!

"“When men speak ill of thee, live so as nobody may believe them.”